We value feedback from our attendees. Testimonials from previous attendees can be found below:

Level 1 course candidate testimonials:

“I just wanted to say thank you for the brilliant dyslexia course I attended today- it was fun, friendly and incredibly informative. Please pass on my thanks to Victoria.” 

“It was a superb course, thank you both. I would like to do another one when I’m allowed!”

Level 2 course candidate testimonials:

“So much was useful. Knowing how dyslexia affects a person (emotionally and educationally). All the aids to help learning, the useful websites and books”

“It’s been a wonderful course”

“Expert support and ideas (resources) to support a child with severe dyslexia. Thank you.” – SENCO at a Primary School

Level 3 course candidate testimonials:

“I have gained a better understanding of how to assess a pupil when I first start teaching them & decide which learning I should focus on.  Also liked the idea of assessing regularly to help me identify next steps” 

“Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge.  I will miss attending, hope to see you soon for further tips!” 

Workshop testimonials:

“Many thanks for providing a stimulating workshop for parents. The response and feedback was good and I’m very grateful to you.”

Pupil Support Package testimonials:

“It was a great opportunity to have an expert evaluate what we already do and make suggestions about moving forward.” – SENCO at a Secondary School

“The Specialist Teacher was able to advise us for individual pupils and how to adjust even the small things to have the desired impact on their learning. The Specialist Teacher was very knowledgeable and available via email for any extra concerns etc. The planning meeting and then the advisory meeting, which involved talking us through strategies to use, were perfect for what we needed. We feel very well supported and as though we are doing the right thing for the children. The results are also evident to the effectiveness of the suggested support we were given. Exceptional value for money. Thank you.” – SENCO at a Primary School

Primary school twilight session feedback:

“Very informative”

“Strategies that can be used easily for the whole class which would help dyslexic children to get on easily with their lessons”

“Variety of ideas to implement in the classroom – which can help all the children not just those who may be dyslexic”

If you would like to attend one of our sessions, further details can be found here.