Level 3 Dyslexia Awareness Course

Expected prior knowledge for the ‘Level 3 Dyslexia Awareness’ course:

The Level 3 Dyslexia Awareness course is a balance of theory and practical strategies. It builds on the foundations established in the Level 1 Dyslexia Awareness course although there is no requirement for you to have completed this first.

This course is for you if you are:

  • Interested in dyslexia and wanting to further your understanding of dyslexia
  • Working with pupils with dyslexia

Prior Knowledge: You do not need to know anything about dyslexia.

Course content:

  • Different definitions of dyslexia
  • Characteristic features of dyslexia
  • The social, emotional and behavioural impact of dyslexia
  • What issues are faced by dyslexic learners when learning to read, spell and write
  • How dyslexia may affect the development of numeracy skills
  • What assessments are available and how they might be used
  • Many different strategies for addressing the barriers to learning that individuals with dyslexia may face, including the use of assistive technology
  • Sources of support

Please note that a Level 3 course is equivalent to an A level standard.

Further Information:

Please see our course leaflet for further information: Dyslexia Awareness Course Flyer

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