Handy Tips

Is the text on your computer screen too small? (Microsoft Windows computers only)

To enlarge or decrease the size of text on your computer:

press Ctrl +    (to enlarge text)

press Ctrl  –     (to reduce text size)


Add text to speak function on Word (Windows computers only and may not be available on older versions):

Click ‘File’

Click ‘Options’

Click ‘Quick Access Toolbar’

In the ‘choose commands from’ box select ‘All commands’

Select ‘Speak’ and click ‘Add’

Click ‘OK’ to update

On your word document highlight the text and click the speak symbol on the toolbar (make sure your speaker is on and the volume is on).


Voice assistive options on an Apple Mac Computer (OS X 10.4 and newer):

To use voiceover:

Press Cmd F5

To customise the voiceover feature select ‘System Preference’ from the Apple menu and then ‘Accessibility’.

Other options in the Accessibility section of the preferences panel include screen zooming, high contrast and display settings which also may assist you.